Lessons and Worksheets: Spacial Distribution: Pattern, Concentration, Density

Teacher’s Notes: This is the lesson that I use for my students to teach them about the concept of spatial distribution and density. I am sure that you can implement a few more fun things like using M&Ms to have them illustrate the different types as well (actually I might try that this year). The blank worksheet and key are below. It usually takes my kids  50 minutes to complete the worksheet and it takes me 20 minutes to complete the lecture.

Title: Spacial Distribution: The Final Frontier

Topics: Space: Pattern, Distribution, Concentration, Density

Time: 50-70 minutes

Materials: Lecture Notes, Worksheets

Purpose: For students to understand the different types of spatial distributions and types of densities.


1) Lecture/Discussion: Explain to students what SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION is and its importance. Provide students with lecture notes on how to figure out the three types of arithmetic density. Explain why it is useful for geographers to analyze phenomenon by pattern, density, and concentration.

2) Have the students pair up and complete the following worksheet on spatial distribution or assign for homework.

3) Review together.


Space and Distribution Wkst Key Human Imprint

Space and Distribution Blank Wkst Human Imprint

Download PDF

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