LESSON PLAN: The Sixth Epoch

Students will have the opportunity to predict what a sixth urban epoch would have looked like to John Borchert. Students will read about Borchert’s Five Stages of North American Urban Development and then consider how technology and transportation improvements will morph North American cities in the future.

Step 1) Have students read John Borchert’s American Metropolitan Evolution, courtesy Geographical Review. http://www.sethspielman.org/courses/geog3612/readings/Borchert.pdf

Step 2) Lecture/Review the first 5 epochs and make the connection that American city morphology reflected transportation and communication innovations of the time.

Step 3) Have students complete the three prompts on the provided worksheet. Prompt 1) Provide a title for a hypothetical 6th futuristic epoch. 2) What are the new transportation/communication improvements that humans might see in 50-100 years time? 3) In what ways will the transportation/communication improvements you envision change the way that cities look? How will the city’s requirements for infrastructure change? the-sixth-epoch-worksheet

Units of Study:
Cities & Urban Land Use
John Borchert's American Metropolitan Evolution Article; 6th Epoch Worksheet
Differentiated Instruction:
Simply lecture the article, then ask students to hypothesize a 6th epoch; Have students illustrate what the epochs from the article.
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