Course Articulation Crowdsourced Question Bank

I would like to revive the effort to create a crowdsourced question bank based off of the current AP Human course articulation (2015 edition). We started this two years ago and then forgot about it.

The best professional development (aside from the AP Reading) that I do for myself is to create multiple choice questions for my tests. Yes, it can be grueling and tedious, but I am a much better teacher and question writer because of it. Since there are now 3000 of us on the Facebook group, it would be great if everyone could contribute just ONE question! Can you imagine the magic?

Inspired be your recent travels? Write a question!

Want to get back at new urbanism? Write a question!

Have an FRQ you’ve been dying to get off your chest? Write a question!

If any of you are starting to use testing programs that require you to tag questions based on course standards, THIS IS THE GOLDMINE. Let’s help each other out. Maybe you don’t chat a lot on the Facebook group and are looking for a way to give back-this would be a great start. I just realized how much that sounds like an NPR pledge drive.

I won’t link the URL here in case there are overzealous students watching 😉 You know who you are! Find the link on the Facebook group.

Come on…just one question. Challenge yourselves!

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