The Art of Making Globes

July 15, 2017 // 0 Comments

What I really like about this collection of short video clips is seeing how much art is incorporated in the creation of something that requires such precision. Art and science mix to create this beautiful thing that continues to draw imagination and inspiration for those aged 3-103. This first video shows the process of making globes at a North London firm of geographers circa 1955. My favorite part is where they apply the smooth layer of plaster to make the sphere, and then smooth out the image strips letting the glue smoosh out. Click to play linked video The next video show globes constructed by factory machine. It reminds of on an episode of How It’s Made. Click image to watch linked video. Of course, you can still buy a globe made the old school way, bit it will cost you! One of their modest handcrafted masterpieces costs a cool $2000.00. Bellerby & Co. Globe Makers                             [...]
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