LESSONS AND WORKSHEETS: Enclaves and Exclaves-ESRI Storymap

July 24, 2017 // 0 Comments

If you haven’t checked out ESRI’s collection of story maps yet, now is the time! These are great little interactive stories that are fun to scroll through-including this one on the topic of ENCLAVES and EXCLAVES. Have you ever lectured on this topic and students always ask, “Well, can an enclave touch water? Is an exclave still an exclave if there is a lake in it? How about if it is touching another country?” If I had a dollar for every… But luckily, this storymap answers their most burning questions. The best part is, students can go at their own pace! ESRI Storymap Exclave Enclave Attached is a worksheet I whipped up that goes with the ESRI Storymap. Use or refuse. Enjoy the worksheet here: Enclaves and Exclaves ESRI Storymap Shoutout: To J. Hemmings for posting about this on [...]
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