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RESOURCE via Allison Hunt: 2013 Additions to AP HuGe Course Description

March 19, 2014 // 0 Comments

.docx file: 2013 Course Description Additions Additions to 2013 AP Human Geography Course Curriculum Geography: Its Nature and Perspectives Identification of major world regions Population Education added under geographical analysis of population Environmental impacts of population change on water use, food supplies, biodiversity, the atmosphere, and climate Specifies types of migration (transnational, internal, chain, step, seasonal agriculture, and rural to urban) Asylum seekers, internally displaced persons Instead of just socioeconomic consequences adds to that culture, environmental, and political along with immigration policies and remittance Cultural Patterns and Processes Globalization and the effects of technology on cultures For religion specifies sacred space For ethnicity adds nationalism Cultural conflicts, and law and policy to protect culture The formation of identity and place making Specifies indigenous people under cultural landscapes and cultural identity Political [...]
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