LESSONS AND WORKSHEETS: Enclaves and Exclaves-ESRI Storymap

July 24, 2017 // 0 Comments

If you haven’t checked out ESRI’s collection of story maps yet, now is the time! These are great little interactive stories that are fun to scroll through-including this one on the topic of ENCLAVES and EXCLAVES. Have you ever lectured on this topic and students always ask, “Well, can an enclave touch water? Is an exclave still an exclave if there is a lake in it? How about if it is touching another country?” If I had a dollar for every… But luckily, this storymap answers their most burning questions. The best part is, students can go at their own pace! ESRI Storymap Exclave Enclave Attached is a worksheet I whipped up that goes with the ESRI Storymap. Use or refuse. Enjoy the worksheet here: Enclaves and Exclaves ESRI Storymap Shoutout: To J. Hemmings for posting about this on [...]

VIDEO RESOURCE: The Most Complex International Borders in the World

August 6, 2014 // 0 Comments

Message from the creator: In this video I look at some of the most complex international border. Of course, there are more complex borders in the world, but this video looks at some of my favourites. I look at the 3 enclaves countries of the world: Vatican City, San Marino and Lesotho. As well as Campione d’Italia, an Italian exclave which is an enclave of Switzerland. I then take things up a notch and look at enclaves within enclaves. The town of Baarle which is in the Netherlands and Belgium is an incredibly complicated border. But not quite as much as the Cooch Behar region of India and Bangladesh. This is followed by a look at the odd situation of Bir Tawil, the only unclaimed land on Earth outside of Antarctica (which is itself a place for complex borders!) I finish off the video by looking at the island of Cyprus, which may look like a borderless island, but is in fact far from [...]

NEWS via TheAtlanticCities.com: America’s 1,000 Richest Neighborhoods

March 23, 2014 // 0 Comments

America’s 1,000 Richest Neighborhoods RICHARD FLORIDA MAR 13, 2014 Carolyn Williams/Flickr America’s “one percent” are a privileged bunch. It takes an adjusted gross income of almost $400,000 to be counted among those who make up the country’s top earners. Together, the top 1 percent account for nearly 20 percent of reported taxable income in the U.S. Overall, the one percent are heavily concentrated along the East and West Coasts. And despite all the talk about gentrification and the movement of the uber-affluent back to the cities, their numbers are overwhelmingly concentrated in the upscale suburbs of America’s increasingly bicoastal economy – places like Greenwich, Connecticut; Bethesda and Potomac, Maryland; Coral Gables, Florida; and Newport Beach, California. Eighteen neighborhoods have average incomes of more than $500,000. These are the location patterns of America’s super rich that geographer Stephen Higley has documented in a new [...]
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