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RESOURCE: AP HuGe Final Presentation Review Activity

March 9, 2014 // 0 Comments

This is an activity that my students complete before the AP exam for review purposes. It does require for them to make a powerpoint presentation, but I started using Google presentations as of last year, and this year I will request that they use Nearpod, a presentation app for the iPad. AP Final Presentation Review Preview: Regions of the world will be assigned as well as groups if necessary. Review the checklist of components that MUST be addressed in your presentation. (List on back) As a group or as an individual, create a division of labor and a rough draft of what topic will be included on each slide. Create a PowerPoint presentation for the region that you were assigned. Each presentation must include the following: i.     Minimum of 18 slides, (evenly divided per person with name of creator at the bottom right of each slide). ii.     Two slide minimum for each HuGe unit that has been covered. 7 units x2 slides =14 slides iii.     Two slides dedicated to a current [...]
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